• R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package
  • R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package
  • R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package
  • R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package
  • R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package
  • R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package
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R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package

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The R1 Coatings® Marine Multi-Craft Package Includes:

  • R1 Coatings® Marine - 50ml (x2)
  • R1 Coatings® Prep - 16oz
  • R1 Coatings® Revive - 16oz
  • Application Block - 6 Pack
  • Premium Yellow 16"x16" Microfiber - 6 Pack
  • Premium Blue 16"x16" Microfiber - 6 Pack
  • Premium Green 16"x16" Microfiber - 6 Pack

R1 Coatings® Marine creates a permanent bond to your watercraft finish, providing the maximum level of protection and shine. R1 Coatings® products are easy to use and once applied, you will never have to wax again!

This is a professional-grade product and the same formula that is used by national franchises, chains, and professional detailers. With proper care and maintenance, this coating will outlive the life of your watercraft and maintain a brilliant shine - permanently! The best part is that with R1 Coatings® Marine, all you need to keep your vehicle clean is water and mild soap.

  • Extreme Hardness for an Additional Layer of Abrasion Resistance
  • Permanent Protection from the Environment
  • Twice as Hydrophobic as Traditional Wax
  • Withstands Heat Up To 1,800°C
  • Protects from UV Damage, Acid Rain & Bird Droppings

Choose 30ml For:

  • 2 Wave Runners
  • 5ft of Length for A Watercraft

Choose 50ml For:

  • 3 Wave Runners
  • 8ft of Length for a Watercraft

Any polishing or paint correction should be completed before applying R1 Coatings™. If you're happy with the condition of your finish, make sure your vehicle has been thoroughly washed and dried. When applying a coating, wear protective gloves. Your vehicle should be out of direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated area with good lighting.

  1. Clean the vehicle surface with R1 Coatings™ Prep to remove any remaining polish, wax, and surface contaminants. Mist on and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.
  2. Starting with a small section or body panel, drip product along the length of the applicator block and apply in a cross-hatching pattern.
  3. Depending on conditions such as temperature and humidity, wait about a minute for product to cure or until there is a visible rainbow haze.
  4. Using 2 microfiber towels, use one to remove excess product and the second to polish to a clean shine. Be sure that all excess product is removed as any remaining product will be permanent.
  5. Repeat process, panel by panel, until entire vehicle is complete.
  6. Vehicle must be kept dry for at least 24 hours to allow product to fully cure and harden.


  • For added protection, a second coat can be applied. Wait at least 1 hour between coats.
  • To enhance protection, apply R1 Coatings™ Revive after 45 to 60 minutes of application or at any time after curing. Application is quick, simple, and recommended to use 2-4 times a year after washing.