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Paint Correction

Clay Lubricant - 16 oz

R1 Coatings® Clay Lubricant can be used as lubrication for Light Duty or Medium Duty Detailing Clay. Clay Lubricant provides the lubrication needed to help prevent scratches during the detail claying process. Clay Lubricant can also be used as a touch up spray to remove fingerprints, light dust, and any excess wax or sealant residue.

Medium Duty Detailing Clay

R1 Coatings® Medium Duty Detailing Clay Bar (200 grams) is great for removing paint overspray, heavier concentrations of environmental fall-out, industrial pollutants and mild rust deposits from vehicles that are detailed less often. Medium Duty Detailing Clay Bar is great for the advanced detail or the basic detail. It is strongly recommended that R1 Coatings® Medium Duty Detailing Clay Bar...