• R1 Coatings® Tire Dressing - 16 oz
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R1 Coatings® Tire Dressing - 16 oz

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R1 Coatings® Tire Dressing is a solvent-based silicone tire dressing designed to provide long-lasting shine and high-level protection to rubber trim, plastic trim, moldings, seals, bumpers, and tires. Tire Dressing also provides a water resistant shield to these areas and can also be used as a restorer for any faded and oxidized exterior plastics.

Protective Durability Level: High and long lasting.

Important notes: Use on exterior rubber and plastic only. Tire Dressing is not designed to be used as an interior dressing. Tire Dressing is not recommended for use in engine compartments.


Use at full strength; do not dilute. Tire Dressing is best applied using a sponge, flagged tip brush or terry cloth applicator. Generously spray Tire Dressing directly on applicator pad or brush and then apply to the exterior rubber, vinyl or hard plastic. Be sure to apply plenty of Tire Dressing to the surface making sure that them chemical soaks into the pours of the material. Follow up with a dry microfiber towel and remove all excess product.

CAUTION: Never use any product to dress the gear shift handle, emergency break, steering wheel or foot pedals. Dressing can cause these areas to become slippery, and could cause the driver to have an accident.